About Us

About Us

About Musical RaagMusical Raag is a leading music therapy Company that wants to spread the therapeutic benefits of Indian Classical Music all over the world.  Founded by a passionate, skilled and highly experienced group of musical therapists who believe that music can cure pain, de-stress, rejuvenate and relax, our main goal is to cure by music and offer peace through music.

Musical Raag’s primary focus is providing effective musical therapy interventions to support therapeutic goals and improve the lives and health of our clients, and the community as a whole. We offer a range of effective musical healing services for people of all age groups and sects.

Our therapists are skilled, enthusiastic, experienced and excited about what they do. We are passionate about, and committed to supporting, people who believe in holistic musical therapies. At Musical Raag we offer Raag based musical treatments and specialize in the therapeutic effects of the Ragas on an individual’s mind, body and spirit. Ragas of the Indian classical music are fashioned according to the in depth knowledge of melodious consonance between the seven swaras and chakras of human body. This is why Indian classical musical compositions have a substantial positive effect on the mind-body system and also have the potential to awaken the otherwise dormant faculties. Our musical treatments are guided by years of specialized experience, ancient texts and are supported by the latest evidence-based research and best practice.

We work with each individual client to provide unique and customized treatment experiences to meet specific treatment goals. We offer specialized musical treatment to individuals at their homes, at clinical set ups and also at community groups. We also work with special needs people, community outreach programs, stress management and pain management groups, as well as team building and wellness care in the corporate arena.

Musical Raag is committed to providing exceptional music therapy services for adults with lifestyle diseases, pain and stress as well as children.   Our motto is to unfold the spirit and essence of ancient Indian Raags all over the world and spread health and happiness through music. Musical Raag believes in “Music for Healthy Life.”

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