About Music Treatment

About Music Treatment

Musical Treatment

Music treatment is a research-based practice in which music is used in various ways to improve and support the physical, social and psychological well-being of individuals. Musical healing treatment is an established and well-proven health profession where music is used in a therapeutic way to heal physical, emotional, cognitive, and social requirements of individuals.

In musical healing trained professionals/ music therapists assess the individual needs and strengths of each client and offer the needed treatment that not only includes listening to music but may also include creating, singing and playing a musical instrument for treatment.  Vibrations originating from sounds can have marvelous effects on one’s level of consciousness and synchronize with one’s mental and physical health.

Listening to music can help relieve stress, anxiety and improve overall health. Music therapy has the power to relax the mind and body muscles and relieve stress. Musical Raag uses skilled and trained professionals to create individualized and group musical programs, which can include listening to music, playing or singing music to lessen stress, tension, anxiety and even depression.

Music affects a person in various ways, especially Indian Classical Music. Dependent on their nature, a raga has the power to induce or intensify joy or sorrow, violence or peace. The ragas when played or listened to, in a specific way and at a particular time can have tremendous positive effect on our mind and body. Playing, performing and even listening to appropriate ragas can work as a medicine. Various ragas have been known since ancient times to have a definite impact on many ailments. Music plays a huge role in a person’s overall well-being and health. Daily consumption of music, like food, water and oxygen, is an indispensable requirement for physical and mental balance.

Playing a musical instrument can improve your health in a variety of ways – it can de-stress, reduce anxiety and also make an individual more happy. Stress and anxiety is bad for both mental and physical health. As per a study published by the American Psychological Association, playing an instrument as a child keeps the mind sharper as we age and keeps stress away. Musical instrument treatment aims to introduce music as a hobby.  Playing a musical instrument helps a person to get rid of stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms. It also helps with increasing a person’s creativity.

Music therapy is both and an art and a science with huge health benefits from stress relief to mental, emotional and behavioral problems.

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