History of Music Treatment

History of Music Treatment

History of Music Treatment

From time immemorial music has been vastly used as a therapeutic tool. The use of music for healing dates back to earliest times. This is evident in Indian Vedas, biblical scriptures and historic writings of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The ancient Nada Yoga of India recognizes the impact of sounds on mind and body and healing through ragas. While the modern world is just waking up to the powers of music therapy and yoga, ancient Indian scriptures have a well-documented system called ‘Nada Yoga’. Nada Yoga is the science of using sound vibrations and yogic asanas (postures) to achieve perfect health. Nada yoga has enormous power to heal.

In India, literature on science of music (Gandharva tattva) dates back to fourth century B.C.  “Raga Chikitsa is another ancient manuscript that deals with the therapeutic role of musical melodies and musical treatments. Nada Yoga and Raga Chikitsa form the backbone of ancient system of music therapy, and are highly spiritual and enriched with eternal musical energy.

As per the ancient Indian text, Swara Sastra, there are seventy-two Melakarta Ragas (parent ragas) that regulate 72 important nerves in our body. It is believed that if used in the right manner, the ragas could affect the specific nerve in the body in an advantageous manner.

Historical records too indicate that one Haridas Swami who was the guru of the famous musician in Akbar’s time, Tan Sen is credited with the recovery of one of the queens of the Emperor with a selected raga. Legend has it that Saint Thyagaraja brought a dead person back to life with his Bilahari composition Naa Jiva Dhaara. Muthuswamy Dikshitar’s Navagriha kriti is believed to cure stomach ache. Shyama Sastry’s composition Duru Sugu uses music to pray for good health.

It’s quite obvious that the concept of using music for health and music for healing is not new to India. Since time immemorial Indians have relied on music for its healing powers. The chanting and singing of Vedic mantras have been used as a cure for several discontents in the individual as well as his environment in ancient India. By stimulating the temperaments and guiding the brain waves, ragas have been used since early times as a complementary medicine.

In the recent years the world has rediscovered the healing powers of music and there is a growing awareness that ragas could be a safe alternative for much medical intervention. Musical Raag believes in curing through Raags aims to spread the wonderful benefits of this ancient science and art all across the world.

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