Who can benefit from music Treatment

Who can Benefit from Music Treatment

Who Can Benefit from Music Treatment

People often want to know who can benefit from musical treatment the answer is – EVERYONE!

Music as a therapy can be used on a wide range of people with varying mental and physical conditions. Music treatment can be beneficial for anybody and the best part is the client does not need to have any kind of musical experience or training to benefit from this treatment.

Music if used in the right manner can improve happiness, peace, health and concentration.

Sound Therapy when used correctly can positively affect any person’s mind, body as well as feelings. It can have a positive impact on anyone – music has the power to transcend age, ethnicity and ability. Music promotes relaxation and well-being.

Many clinical studies have proved that music can relieve stress and pain and can be used for positive health benefits. Hospitals across the world are today using music as a therapy, along with conventional treatment for patients with acute conditions. Music helps to ease pain, relax, de-stress, develop positive self-image and also improve a patient’s speech and memory. The beauty of music treatment is that it helps people in a physical, mental, emotional and social way.

Who Can Benefit From Music Therapy?

The list of people who can benefit from music treatment is a long one but here are the few fields where music therapy can be of real benefit

  • Music to relieve stress– Music has the ability to shift mood, affect the subconscious mind where negative thoughts feed on our fears and fuel day to day stress.


  • Music Relaxation therapy- The correct music can reduce heart rates and promote higher body temperature – an indication of the onset of relaxation. Music relaxation therapy can effectively relax one’s mind and body muscles.


  • Music therapy for children – It has been proved beyond doubt that music is one of the top motivators for children with special needs


  • Music for spiritual healing – Music can not only heal physically but also spiritually. It can heal souls. The ancient Indian sages had devised several musical forms from “OM” and Vedic hymns that can have distinct spiritual effect.


Music is an age-old part Indian healing system. From time immemorial, music treatment has been a part of Indian culture. The Nada Yoga, which dates back Vedic age, acknowledges the impact of music on body and mind and also states that sound vibrations has the power to uplift one’s level of consciousness. Ragas are sung not just for entertainment but the vibrations in their resonance can be used to impact one’s mood and health.

At Musical Raag there are special musical therapists who customize and personalize Raga based music treatments to work on people from varying age groups (from young children to grown-up adults) and is for people of all abilities. We also offer services within a variety of settings like wellness centers, schools, community groups and hospitals.

Music therapy is a safe, natural treatment and can be used by anyone who is seeking a holistic approach.

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