Buy Musical Treatment Online and be Healthy

Music has been used for therapeutic purposes since time immemorial. With modern science it has been proved beyond doubt that musical vibrations affects human brains specially the regions involved in emotion, sensation, cognition and association.

Music heard, played or sung under expert guidance is very effective in treating a wide array of problems like depression, anxiety, hypertension and asthma.

In India since ancient times ragas or classical music has been used at various times to cure, soothe and offer mental peace to patients. The Ragas were written and conceptualized in ancient times and many texts have been written thereafter to highlight the use of ragas in treating various ailments and methodology to listen to such ragas for cures.

Ragas of the Indian classical music have been created based on the seven swaras  (notes) and its relation to the Chakras of the human body. This is why Indian classical compositions have been proved to have a positive effect on mind and body. Classical music not only vibrates and soothes the mental strings, but also energizes and balances the organs of the body.

We at Musical Raga have taken the initiative to spread and share this ancient healing power of India Ragas with the world.  You can download or purchase healing music online at Musical Raag and live a healthier and happier life with the sound of sweet, soothing music.

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