Corporate Wellness – Rejuvenate and De-Stress with Music Therapy

Music soothes the soul.  Music relives the body from several negative sensations like stress, tension, anxiety and tediousness. Music accesses the inner most feelings of human existence, allowing for free creative expression.

Music Therapy is a well-known healthcare and wellness profession that uses music to improve the physical, emotional, cognitive, and social condition of individuals of every age.

Many studies have proved that most of the diseases plaguing the modern world are created by stress. The medical costs associated with treating stress, depression, and anxiety in the corporate world is increasing day by day. New and better wellness policies are continually sought to preserve good health and reduce stress of the employees.

Since last few years’ music therapy has taken a major lead in wellness strategies of the corporate world. At a time when employees are fraught with ails like stress, addictions, anxiety, insomnia and mental health challenges music therapy can offer a very effectual and non-threatening intervention.  Here it’s very important to understand that music therapy is not like an over the counter drug, like a person will not be healed in a day just by listening to one raga. It depends of many things like the mental state of the person and his capabilities.

Music therapy can be both participatory and non-participating. Easy and fun participatory music activities like playing any instrument have proven to be fun, stimulating and can be an effective method for team building, letting go of apprehensions and improving group dynamics of the office. Music therapy is a very effective method for providing relaxation, rejuvenation and for stress management workshops in the corporate set up.

After a few Corporate Music Therapy Sessions the employees have always shown positive changes in terms of performance, enhanced work quality, team interaction, positivism and reduced stress and anger. It’s very important to realize that a good work-life balance is the key towards better performance, accountability and commitment. It’s very important for very organization to have a healthy atmosphere with less negative attitudes.

At Musical Raag along with collective musical sessions we also offer individualist therapies to suit the need of each client. We guide many highly stressed executives to listen to pure classical ragas early in the morning as it helps to bring down the blood-pressure levels, balances heart-beat and energizes the whole body. The corporate music therapy workshop targets the executives to achieve a more relaxed state of mind, release negative emotions and improve mutual appreciation and self-esteem.

Musical Raag, with its unique combination of classical Indian raags and scientific methodology, aids the corporate executives to lead a healthy and balanced life in harmony with the universe. Music therapy is an effective approach as it is a highly dynamic and creative. All Corporate Musical Sessions are conducted by trained professionals who understand the unique needs of employees and employers.

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