Enjoy Music and Lead a Healthy Life – A musical healthy journey

Be it a fabulous Mozart symphony or a notable piece from the classical Carnatic music or a known raga from Indian Hindustani classical music; musical therapy is being increasingly  used across the world for people suffering with various ailments like hypertension, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

In India and worldwide, there is a growing trend where trained musical therapists help patients to recover faster while undergoing traditional medical treatments.

Everyone knows that music has a very soothing effect on its listeners- it’s relaxing, fun and also motivating, but music also can have a profound impact on our brains and our bodies. Music can make our lives better and healthier. It can help one get better and develop emotionally, socially, cognitively and even physically.

Musical vibrations can reach the subconscious mind and have a great effect on people suffering from depression, anxiety, hypertension, cardiac problems and even severe pain. Research shows that music as a part of everyday life can affect a person’s physical, emotional and mental state immensely. The correct music heard, played or sung at the correct time can be used as a powerful healing instrument.

The healing power of music makes it a cherished means in helping us gain health, wellbeing and a happier life.

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