What is Music Treatment?

Music treatment is a research-based practice in which music is used in various ways to improve and support the physical, social and psychological well-being of individuals. Music treatment is an established and well-proven health profession where music is used in a therapeutic way to heal physical, emotional, cognitive, and social requirements of individuals.

In music treatment trained professionals/ music therapists assess the individual needs and strengths of each client and offer the needed treatment that not only includes listening to music but may also include creating, singing and playing a musical instrument.  Vibrations originating from sounds can have marvelous effects on one’s level of consciousness and synchronize with one’s mental and physical health.

Why You Choose Us (Musical Raag)?

We know that you have a lot of options for music treatment then why choose us?

Here are a few things that we do differently from others:

  1. We have skilled and master therapists with university degrees who can offer you the highest quality music therapy services.


  1. We are continually updating ourselves and reading new methods and latest research findings.


  1. Out therapists continually attend continuing education events.


  1. WE do not offer the same treatment for all, we offer personalized treatment methods depending on the client’s need and psychology.


  1. We offer the option of home-based services, corporate services and/or clinic-based services. We understand the need of the day.

What We Do?

At Musical Raag we offer you cures of various physical, psychological ailments without the intervention of medicines.

Our purpose is to Cure With Music.

Ragas of the Indian classical music have been created conferring with the deep awareness of harmonious consonance between the seven swaras and chakras. We choose the best Ragas and music suited to you after a detailed study of your problem and make sure that our trained musicians leave a positive effect on your mind-body system and also awakens the otherwise dormant faculties of your body and mind.

Who Can Benefit from Music Treatment?

People often want to know who can benefit from musical treatment the answer is – EVERYONE!

Music as a therapy can be used on a wide range of people with varying mental and physical conditions. Musical treatment can be beneficial for anybody and the best part is the client does not need to have any kind of musical experience or training to benefit from this treatment.

Music if used in the right manner can improve happiness, peace, health and concentration.

Our music therapy is designed to work on people from varying age groups (from young children to grown-up adults) and is for people of all abilities. We also offer services within a variety of settings like wellness centers, schools, community groups and hospitals.

What is the History of Music Treatment?

From time immemorial music has been vastly used as a therapeutic tool. Using music as a healing medium dates back to earliest times. This is evident in Indian Vedas, biblical scriptures and historic writings of ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The ancient Nada Yoga of India recognizes the impact of sounds on mind and body and healing through ragas.  By stimulating the temperaments and guiding the brain waves, ragas have been used in India since early times as a complementary medicine – Raga Chikitsa.

As per an ancient Indian text, Swara Sastra, there are seventy-two Melakarta Ragas (parent ragas) that regulate 72 important nerves in our body. It is believed that if used in the right manner, the ragas could affect the specific nerve in the body in an advantageous manner.