Reasons why you should choose Musical Treatment

Music is a universal language that needs   no translation. It can influence all humans & can be used as a healing medium.   Music since ancient times has been used in a various ways to heal and cure. The modern science is now rediscovering the healing powers of music. Both in India and West musical treatments are being increasingly used alongside other therapies, particularly in patients suffering from depression, asthma, hypertension and anxiety.

The origins of musical treatment can be traced back to the ancient system of Nada Yoga, which dates back to the time of Tantras. It acknowledges that the vibrations originating from sounds to uplift one’s level of consciousness and affect the mind. The Indian classical ragas are based on vibrations that can be synchronized with one’s moods and health. By stimulating the moods and controlling the brain wave patterns, ragas could work as a complementary medicine (Sairam,2004 a & b).

In the recent times many researches and studies have proved that music therapy is a one of the most beneficial and non-invasive methods for mood enhancement, anti-depression and anxiety/stress relief.

Across the world, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and even surgeons are pursuing session’s music therapists for better results. Music treatment is now an established health profession. Music improves happiness, peace, health and concentration and is a great non-invasive way to heal.

But it is very important that you go to a skilled music therapist as the duration and the method in which musical treatment is administered is very vital. The first step is the correct diagnosis of the disease and then the selection of the precise raga that will be helpful.

With the correct approach musical treatment is one of the best and most enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy!

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