Asthma Treatment by Music

Asthma Treatment by Music Therapy

Music as a therapy can have huge positive effects on one’s health. It creates awareness, learning, expression, communication, and relaxation. Music is not only enjoyable, it’s also powerful. Listening to a specific type of music or playing a musical instrument can have beneficial effect on adults and children with asthmatic condition.

Asthma cure by music can be done in two ways:

  1. Patients can earn to play a wind instrument that build up the lung capacity and gain better knowledge to control their breathing
  2. Listen to certain type of organized and personalized music that relaxes the body and mind and in turn stabilizes breathing and reduces anxiety.

Music as a therapy uses the link between the melody and the mood and reduces the patient’s heart rate and blood pressure. It also helps them to gain control on the breathing pattern and calms the mind. Music for asthma not only enhances the awareness of breathing symptoms but also creatively addresses the emotional components of healing, such as resilience and coping.

The India raga for treating asthma is Raga Malhar. According to legend, raga Malhar is so powerful that when sung, it could induce rainfall. This powerful raga can stimulate the body mind and energize the body chakras which in turn regenerate the cells and heal the body.  Depending on the acuteness of the disease one needs to listen or practice this Raga Malhar with the help of the skilled professional. A therapist teaches you the ways to calm the mind and regulate your breathing. One of the unique characteristics of Indian music is the assignment of definite times for complete effectiveness.

Musical Raag is all about music for health and aims to use the immense knowledge ancient Indian music for the benefit of all. We at Musical Raag believe that by blending the conventional medical approaches with creative music-making strategies the quality of life of each patient facing the challenges of asthma.

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