Depression Treatment by Music

Depression Treatment by Music Therapy

Depression is one of the most common and yet serious disorder affecting every age group today and one of the best ways to deal with depression is through music.

Music is known to affect moods but the point here is can it really alleviate depression? According to some recent studies it has been revealed that music therapy for depression can be quite effective for all age groups including children and adolescents dealing with emotional, developmental, and behavioral problems. Music therapy has the power to lift ones mood and make one feel happy and joyous.

Depression music therapy helps people to improve their levels of despair and anxiety. Music therapy has certain qualities that allow people to express themselves and interact in a non-verbal way – even in situations when they cannot find the words to describe their inner experiences. Sometimes sharing a musical experience with a therapist—playing or listening—helps people feel more comfortable while speaking their problems and feelings.

Indian Classical ragas are known for their positive therapeutic value. Playing, singing or even listening to ragas helps increases relaxation of muscles and contributes to emotional health, according to health experts. The spiritual tones of Indian classical music, developed over centuries, are particularly suited for healing just like yoga. Music therapy and yoga are an integral part of ancient Indian healing system and Nada Yoga – a well-documented technique of combining the sound vibrations and yogic asanas is a proof of the same. Ragas offer peace of mind and spiritual healing in the most soothing way and have a very powerful effect on both the singer and listener.

Listening to Raga Bahar through a session of depression music therapy fills the listener with a feeling of bliss and cheerfulness and offers a lasting joy. Even Raga Shankara and Todi have the power to relieve a person from depression filling the inside of the person with confidence and deep focus.

At Muiscal Raga our trained therapists use personalized methods and techniques to develop a therapeutic relationship between client and the therapist, with the ultimate goal to help the person achieve greater wellbeing and a happy depression free life.

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