Hypertension Treatment by Music


Hypertension or high blood pressure is a common occurrence in today’s life. Hypertension has been documented as a major risk factor for cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Relaxation treatments with musical interventions have been found to have a positive clinical outcome on hypertension patients.

Clinical studies have proved that brain music therapy significantly reduces anxiety levels in our brains and also makes the mind and body relaxed. Music treatment can reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure and could be useful in the management of essential hypertension. American Society of Hypertension in one of its meeting in New Orleans has pointed out that listening to half an hour of music each day may significantly lower your blood pressure. In a study conducted by then researchers have found that people with mild hypertension (high blood pressure) who listened to classical, Celtic or Indian (raga) music for just 30 minutes a day for one month had significant reductions in their blood pressure.

The potential of sound therapy is not new to India. The ancient healing roots of Indian Music like Nada yoga, Vedic Chanting and Raga Chikitsa have been recognized by various medical professionals, psychologists and musicologists and music therapists as an effective way of healing anxiety and hypertension.

Ragas for Hypertension

Raga Darbari is considered very effective in easing tension. It is a late night raga composed by Tansen for Akbar to relieve his tension after hectic schedule of the daily court life.

Raga Ahir-Bhairav is supposed to sustain a chord which automatically brings down blood pressure. Gives free relaxed feeling and is good for Hypertension.

We at Musical Raag have experts and skilled therapists with many years of experience in Indian classical music to guide and help you in your musical treatment. Each raga needs to be heard or practiced at a specific time and in a special way.

Modern science and medicine are now rediscovering these healing powers of Indian Raga music. And specialized use of music in treating hypertension and many other ailments is gaining ground. Music therapy is inexpensive, accessible, and is not associated with side effects.

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